Week 66: The atonement is real!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry you didnt’ get an email from me on Monday! I was at a doctor’s appointment in Gent and it ended up taking half the day. So, we moved our email time to today 🙂 Dont’ worry though, all is well! I’ve got some medicine now and should be rid of my cough lung thing soon!
These last couple of weeks we’ve had a chance to work with [name withheld] (a less active) stop smoking. We’ve recently started the 12 step program with her that the church offers. It is INCREDIBLE! The videos associated with each step are sooo powerful! The Spirit you feel from these people’s recovery story’s is just unreal. I recommend you all watch them! It really does show the power of Christ’s atonement! He really can change our very natures and help us to reach the godly potential our heavenly father sees in all of us. It really is never too late to repent and come back to him. And if these people can come back from these crazy addictions, completely healed, how much more can we repent from our daily mistakes and bad habits! Christ’s atonement is incredible, and I’m so grateful for the power I’ve been able to access from it in my own life. She is doing incredible as well! She has gone the last 4 or so days without smoking! Now she’s just worried about trying to get the smoke smell out of her house! She says people don’t believe her when she says she’s trying to stop, because her whole house still smells like it! She has found a lot of peace and rest from not smoking and is determined to make it back to the temple so she can see her father’s work be done. She is an incredible example to me of strength! We are so happy to see that light and hope flooding back into her life!
[Name withheld] and her family came to church again last week! This week they were able to get a ride with a member who lives close by, which was really nice! That saved them an hour of biking! They are doing great and are just being flooded with love from the ward! We had a dinner appointment last week with the bishop and his wife and her family, which was incredible! She was talking about ‘being reborn’ and how she really felt like that’s what she needs in her life. We’ve really seen a lot of progression with her and her family. It’s so wonderful to see the happiness that’s coming in their life from the gospel! Also the 9 year old daughter has totally been reading in the book of mormon on her own! I don’t know if she really understands it at all, but she’s doing it! What an act of faith and a good example to her family!
Overal this week has been really good! We had zone conference yesterday, which is always a spiritual boost for the week! We also got to watch the woman’s session of conference Monday night with a member and investigator and her daughter who was recently baptized. She was really touched by the talks! We all can’t wait for this weekend to hear more words from our leaders and prophet!
I hope you all have a good week! Enjoy conference weekend!!!
Liefs, Zuster Mangum
. Spent the rest of monday ‘trunky clothes shopping’ with zrs weber, acheson, and olsen and got some good buys at the primark!
.Me and zr olsen riding an NS TREIN!!!! We got to go on a fun adventure to Den Haag to pick up her residency! Oh how I love and miss Nederland! It’s definitely my second home 🙂
.I made homemade pizza this week and it was a success!
.We saw a HEDGEHOG this week at a member’s house! Apparently this little guy comes by every night and eats the cat food they leave out! Super cute!

Week 65: Dutch Harring, Lokerse Paardworst, and Belgian Waffels!

Hey Everyone!!
Here’s kind of a bullet point highlight of my week this week!
.We made a lot of progress with one of our less actives ! She is finally willing to make a plan to stop smoking so she can get a temple recommend again! Her father passed away a couple years ago and she really wants to do his work for him in the temple. We’re going to start the 12 step addiction recovery program with her, and as part of it, we’re all going to do it together! Lol me and Zr. olsen will probably be using ‘sugar/pastires/Panos/chocolate’ as our ‘addiction’ 🙂
. We rode up to Antwerpen on Saturday with a member for a stake training for Relief Society, Primary, and YW teachers. Since there were people from the Brussels international ward, they needed us there to translate. Man, that really tested my translating skills! But it was really fun! I got to wear a little headset and look all official 🙂 I still have a pretty bad cough though, so I was downing the cough drops/muting the headset when I had a coughing fit. I also saw a lot of people from Breda there, which was super fun!!! It was great to actually be able to speak dutch with them now, as opposed to when I’d just come into the land!
Sunday was incredible!!! We biked with our investigators and her 2 kids to church, which was an adventure! First of all, her kids don’t have bikes, so she had to acheroop her 13 year old son and I took her 9 year old daughter on the back of my bike. She is soooo stinkin’ cute! We biked along the spoorline (railway line) with fields and pastures on either side. Anytime she saw an animal (pig, horse, cow, chicken, you name it!) she would loose it, saying “ooooh schattig!!! (cute!!!)) It was adorable! Also, google maps said it would take 30 minutes to bike to the church, but with the achterooping it took and hour! We ended up running in all super sweaty to the meeting, but it was good 🙂 Then, a couple minutes later of the inactive ladies we visit came in with her son! She hadn’t been to church in over 10 years!! Zr. Olsen ran over to sit by her. THEN 20 minutes later our investigator, Matty, snuck in and sat down! Haha, there weren’t enough of us to sit by everyone! Sunday school was a full house! It was so cool to watch the ward take these people under their wings  and fellowship them. Everyone left feeling loved and having made a new friend in the ward. We also biked back with Hanane and her family, and they all had a great time! Man, they are such troopers for biking all that way!!
Here are some grappjes as well:
.Hanane’s son just got braces, and when we came over she said “Look! Ludvie just got bracelets!” She was so close!
.Zr. Olsen had this realization this week as we were listening to the dutch audio book of mormon for taal studie (language study). She was like “Wow, you really do speak dutch!” I was like, uhhh, what? She said she thought that my accent was just the ‘missionary accent’ because it doesn’t sound like any native person she’s heard so far. Lol it wasn’t until we listened to the DUTCH audio that she realized that I really do speak with a dutch accent 🙂 Vlaams (flemish) is waaaay different for sure!
I hope you all have an incredible week! Sorry that my email was shorter this week! I love you all!!!
Liefs, Zuster Mangum


.I ate the famous, Lokerse Paardworst (Lokeren horse sausage) this week! It was actually reallly good! It was kind of weird to look at the horses on Sunday and realize I’d eaten one though…
.Zr. Olsen tried harring (herring) for the first time this week!
.It was really tempting to buy this eye witness gemstones and minerals dvd in dutch I found last week. But I resisted the temptation!
.We had some adventures in Brussels this week! We were there for Zr. Olsen’s visa, but we stopped for some waffels on the way back 🙂
.This is our darling little investigator named Dora! I achteroped her on my bike all the way to church on Sunday. It was so fun to see how excited she was about the horses!!

Week 64: Quick rundown of my week

Hey everyone!

I don’t have a ton of time sorry! Here’s some pictures and a quick rundown of my week:
Maandag (Monday) we chilled in Antwerpen and walked around the centrum. We discovered speculaas mcflurries (dutch biscuit), which changed my life! That night we also met this man named Moses on the street. He told us he’s a prophet of God, foretold in all the scriptures, called to destroy Satan! It was an interesting/hilarious encounter 🙂
Dinsdag (Tuesday) I don’t really remember too well. We visited Isabelle and Zr. Vonck, an older woman in the ward who lives in a resting home. We helped feed her lunch and just kept her company for a bit. She is so cute and we love her!
Woensdag (Wednesday) we contacted for a bit in the Lokeren Market. We had the impression to stop and talk to this one african woman. Turns out she was an old investigator! She seemed open to meeting again, so we’re going to stop by this next week! We also knocked a street that a member had been praying over, and found a woman named Jasmine who made an appointment! It was really cool, because we had dinner that night with the same member and got to share the experience with him. He was sooo excited! It was a cool way to help strengthen his testimony of missionary work!
Donderdag (Thursday) we spent the day in Sint-Niklaas looking up less actives. They were all these really cute old ladies that we just fell in love with! We brought our hymn book and sang, which was a fun way to share our testimony. I still have a pretty bad cough, but Zr. Olsen sounded great! We also stopped by a former investigator with cookies, and they made an appointment for today! They are a really cute, young family that we’re excited to start teaching!
Vrijdag (Friday) was Joshua (our ward mission leader)’ s birthday! He brought cake and pastries to correlation, which was awesome! Me and Zr. Olsen are suckers for a good pastry. We also had an incredible dinner appointment with the Bishop and his wife! They invited a non member college from work who was interested in learning more about the church! We were able to give her an arabic book of mormon and teach the restoration! The bishop and his wife had some many great personal experiences to share, which really brought the spirit! I’m so grateful for memebers and their missionary efforts here! The work really is more efficient when members and missionaries work together!!
Zaterdag (Saturday) we spent the morning helping our investigator Hanane renovate her attic. It was hard work, but she really needed it! Afterwards we taught her a lesson and baked a cheesecake with her! It was a fun way to spend our morning 🙂
Zondag (Sunday) some great members and neighbors of our investigator Isabelle invited us over for lunch after church. This was a tender mercy because our appointments for that afternoon all fell through!
Overal this week has been great. The weather is definitely turning and fall is here! It’s time to break out the tights and scarfs! I’m excited with the work happening here in Lokeren and know that God is behind all of it! I know He is in the details of our lives and that he loves us so much!
I hope you all have an incredible week!!!
Liefs, Zuster Mangum
Speculaas mcflurry
antwerpen centraal. It’s such a beautiful station!
Selfie on the bus ride here because we forgot to take pictures this week!
We got some ‘dang tasty’ pizza this week for lunch lol 🙂
We are lucky enough to have the ice cream truck in our neighborhood 🙂 This is a picture from our balcony 🙂

Week 63: Elder Sabine and baptisms for the ‘dead’

Hey Everyone!

So many good things happened this week! We traveled a lot back and forth from the Netherlands with Zone conferences and MLC, but it was a blast! I love that country and it’s public transportation 🙂
  • This week Elder Sabine came to our zone conference and spoke! It was incredible! One of my favorite quotes from him was about being in the world but not of the world. He said ‘It doesn’t matter how deep the water is. If it doesn’t get in the boat, you won’t sink! But you have to make sure you seal off all the cracks, because the water (or the world) wants to get in.’ It doesn’t matter how bad this world gets. If we seal off the cracks in our ‘ship’, we will be protected from drowning. Also, two great scriptures he shared with us that you should all look up! D&C 90:24 and 1 Corinthians 2:9. There are so many great things waiting for us if we love God, keep his commandments, and remember our covenants!
  • We got a couple of referrals from members at church yesterday! This was a tender mercy, because our week is pretty open this week. But one member had a very strong impression to give us the address for his friend, so we’ll see what happens there!
  • Our cute little less active named Saskia was able to make it to church today! Her health is terrible, but she managed to have enough energy for sacrament meeting. When we talked to her about it later she said that 17 years ago, on that exact day, was the first time she ever went to church. Wow! What an incredible experience for her and a testimony to me that God is so aware of our individual lives!
  • This week Zr. Bunnell gave a presentation on music at the zone conference. She invited us to read the preface in the hymnbook. I did it, and wow! There are so many cool blessings from the hymns! I invite you all to read it! Also, pick your favorite hymn and look up it’s coordinating scriptures. I did this with my favorites (how firm a foundation) and it was a really cool experience 🙂
  • We had to explain to Isabelle this week that baptisms for the dead isn’t us actually baptizing dead people! I’ve just grown up with that term and never really thought about it. But yeah, if that’s all you hear, it can seem kind of scary! Haha, the crazy thing was that she’s had this idea in her head for like a month, but she was still cool about taking the lessons and getting baptized! She was very relieved to know that we weren’t baptizing dead bodies though, because that’s kind of creepy 🙂
Well, I’m out of time but that was mostly my week! Here are a bunch of pictures of me at the Gent castle last week and my adventures in Nederland!
I love you all!!!
Liefs, Zuster Mangum
Also one of the pictures is of me eating a chocolate crosaint at 6:30 in the morning in antwerpen. We had to wake up at 4:30 to catch a train to antwerpen, to catch a bus from antwerpen to zoetermeer with the rest of the belgian missionaries. It was a blast, but veeery early 🙂