Week 57: Er gaat niets boven…Belgie?

‘There’s nothing going on … Belgium?’

Questions of the Soul:

How do I get to our apartment?
Where do I pick up the phone and keys?
Where do I buy food if there’s no Albert Heijn or Jumbo?
How am I going to drag 6 suitcases, a bike, and a greenie to Belgium?!?
These are just a few of the soul searching questions that have been running through my mind since Saturday. As you might have guessed, I’m going to Belgium!!!! I will be whitewashing Lokeren with a greenie and staying sister training leader! Ahhhh! It’s going to be exciting!!! And despite the craziness of it all, I actually feel pretty calm. I really am excited for this crazy new adventure! But man, this is going to be the longest 24 hours of my life! I hope my greenie is prepared!
.This week one of our investigators that we lost contact with for the last month texted US and wanted to make an appointment!!! We ended up meeting with him twice last week! We taught the 1st and 2nd lessons which he took really well! His work schedule is kind of crazy, so he hasn’t been able to make solid appointments/come to church. But he’s still interested!
.This week we met with this lady who is the neighbor for one of the members here. We met her at this member’s birthday party and last week we had dinner at her house! It went really well and she really opened up to us! She also accepted a book of mormon! We are going back tonight to say goodbye (me), so hopefully we can set up a return appointment then!
.This week we taught the plan of Salvation 3 different times this week! Once in english, one in depth with tons of scriptures in dutch, and one to an 8 year old where we drew fun pictures and had little puppets that moved through the plan! It’s was fun to really teach to these people’s needs and strengthen my own testimony in God’s plan for us!
.We had our last dinner appointment with [our newly baptized family] last week. It was a tender moment. We had a kneeling family prayer together. The Spirit was sooo strong as we each offered a prayer. It was a special moment that I will never forget πŸ™‚
.This week for Pday we went to a place called Blotevoeten pad (barefoot path)! You basically hike through puddles and pits of mud! It was suuuuper fun! We did it with other missionaries and [our newly baptized family]. We ended up having a pretty epic war, so we were all drenched in mud on the ride home! It was a really fun last pday with the gang πŸ™‚
.It rained on and off all this week with giant thunderstorms at night! It just came in like 10 minute bursts most of the time. These bursts seemed to hit every single time we needed to bike somewhere! We ended up showing up to 2 dinner appointments completely drenched! I felt pretty bad because I literally left a puddle where I was sitting!
.Our mission is getting 29 new missionaries, so literally, everyone is training! All 4 sisters we’re over are getting greenies, Zr. Lane is getting a greenie, I’m getting a greenie, both of the elders are getting a greenie, EVERYONE is getting a greenie! it’s going to be a party traveling to Leiden together! I think a third of the mission is training right now.
.It’s vacantie (vacation) season, so everyone is out of town. People are literally gone for like 2 months! We tried calling a potential we had and he’s like “I’m busy….all of August…” Hopefully things will start picking up again in september πŸ™‚
I love this work and am excited for my new adventure this week! I love you all and hope your summer is going great!!!
Liefs, Zuster Mangum
Saying goodbye to everyone! Β One of our investigators is getting baptized in a couple of weeks! I won’t be able to make it for her baptism, but she’s amazing!!​

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