Week 56: Knuffel Machine and 1 year in the land!

Hey everyone!

I don’t have tons of time, so here’s a quick list of things that happened this week!
.Janice Kapp Perry came to our sacrament meeting yesterday! She was here with a group of 30 other americans doing her family history work. Apparently she has dutch ancestors from Groningen! We (the relief society and young woman) all sang the EFY melody in dutch for her and she did a musical number for a new song she’d written! It’s in dutch and it’s a tribute to her ancestors here! It was really cool! Also, 2 of our investigators came and really enjoyed the meeting!
. I went on exchanges to Kampen this week with Zr. Fordiani! We had a lot of fun working at the food bank in Zwolle and running around to appointments! We were sprint biking to from an appointment in the rain and I ended up crashing. Haha, I tried to hop a curb but it didn’t work. I’m fine though! Just some bruised knees 🙂 It was also fun to spend my 1 year in the land mark with her! I can’t believe I’ve lived in this country for so long! The time has just FLOWN! But I love it here!
.We tried a new survey that the mission has come out with, and we’ve seen a lot of success!! We knocked 5 doors and 2 people let us in! And 1 is now a new investigator!!! That’s unheard of!
.We did a lot of service this week. I worked at the food bank on exchanges, then we all did the set up/clean up for a wedding reception at the church, we helped a less active move this week, etc. It was fun to change things up this week!
.We passed our cleaning checks this week, and our appartment has never looked better! haha, so we thought that the black spots on our floor were part of the floor pattern…turns out they weren’t! Now our kitchen floor looks immaculate though! Zr. Parker stayed up late scrubbing it!
Sorry my email is kind of scatter-brained this week! This week was great! I love being a missionary and serving the people here up north! There is no place I would rather be!
.We went to this cool university museum and they had rocks!!! Actually, they were minerals, but they were still super cool 🙂
. This boat with a claw thing was going through the canal, fishing out old bikes! It was really cool to watch! I think Henry would have really liked it!
. The museum also had this thing called a Knuffel Machine! It was a weird machine that gave you a hug kind of!

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