Week 55: Another blessed week in the land of the tulips!

Hey everyone! Here’s the rundown of my week here in the land of tulips!

.We had a really great lesson with [name withheld] this week about the Plan of Salvation. Haha, the struggle was REAL trying to teach that in english! It was super funny to hear Zr. Lane start to say something in dutch, but then quickly translate the dutch sentence into english. We were definitely called to preach the gospel in Dutch lol 🙂 But the miracle was that Tom really loved the plan! He says he’s going to start seriously reading and praying about our message!
.We had a member referral this week, and the referral ended up turning into 2 new investigators!!! They are so enthusiastic to learn how to study the scriptures and have God more in their lives! They have a lot of things on Sundays, so they haven’t been to church yet. But hopefully we can work those things out in the future! They are miracles!
.Our investigator is on baptismal date as of last week! This week we really saw a big change in her. This date has created a sense of urgency in her. She’s really becoming more serious about the gospel, which is cool to see! It’s cool to see the big changes she’s making in her life to be worthy for baptism! For example, she’s gone from 10 cigarrets a day to only 3! What an incredible 16 year old!
.This week I got to go on exchanges with Zr. Conrad. She is an incredible missionary and we had a lot of fun together 🙂 We met this really sweet old lady on the door while we were knocking. She asked us if we were truly happy with the gospel. Then she said she could see it on our faces that we really were. We were able to pray with her and leave a small message. She may not be an investigator, but it was a really sweet experience for us to be able to uplift her in some way. We know she felt the Spirit and was touched by the experience. I love getting to do this as a missionary every day!
.On Saturday we decided to try a new method of centrum contacting. We’ve had a hard time in the past just walking around, wasting a lot of time being scared to talk to people/window shopping. So, we came up with a new idea. One of us would start counting down in our head from 30. The other person had to contact someone in that 30 seconds, or they got a strafpunt. As soon as they had contacted someone and the contact was over, they would start counting down while the other person started looking for someone to contact. In the end, whoever had the most strafpunten had to buy the other person ice cream! It was actually super effective! Haha, we ended up kind of running around the centrum, frantically looking for people to contact! It was super funny! But we talked to a lot of people and ended up teaching a 1st lesson! It was a really good way for us to ‘open up our mouths!’
.This week we had MLC in Leidschedam, so we slept over in Haarlem. Turns out Haarlem didn’t have enough beds or pillows. So, we stripped the couch of its cushions and rolled up blankets to use as pillows. Zr. Lane ended up sleeping on the couch (without cushions) and I was on the floor, precariously balancing on the couch cushions! It was pretty ‘primative’ :), but me and Zr. Lane had a good laugh about it!
.Yesterday we had the opportunity to teach junior primary. Oh man, primary is an adventure! I don’t know if I have what it takes to be a primary teacher! Those kids have so much energy!!! But I love hearing them sing those primary songs. Their spirits are so strong!
I hope you all have a fantastic week!
Liefs, Zuster Mangum
. I deep cleaned the mold out of the bathroom this week. It required some heavy duty mold killer and official looking clothing 🙂
. We went through Schipol this week on our way to MLC! It was crazy to see the airport! I was here almost a year ago to the day!
.Me and Zr. Lane decided to dress super fancy one day this week. Our idea was that more people might talk to us if we looked more official/european. I think it worked! We had some really good conversations with people in the centrum and I think people took us a little more seriously.

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