Week 54: Lots of rain and miracles!

Hey everyone!

This week we got a lot of rain up here in Groningen! It was actually really nice! Nothing like a good thunderstorm!
.I got to see ZR. Weber this week at zone conference in Zoetermeer!!! Ahhh! I love her! One thing we always did together was leave pass along cards in the trams. We’d just slide them in the cracks of the seats and whatnot. Turns out, something actually came of it! The Den Haag sisters are now teaching someone who found a pass along card on a Zoetermeer tram!!!! Me and Zr. Weber are super excited about that!
.[name withheld] is on baptismal date now!!! She is getting baptized on August 19th! We are so excited for her! She’s making a lot of progress to stop smoking as well. She will definitely be ready for that date!
. This week we had an amazing first lesson with a new investigator. He’s from Kenya and we bike contacted him a month or so ago. We had a really powerful 1st lesson and the spirit was really strong. At the end he was like “How does one become…mormon?” He is so positive and so ready to accept the gospel in his life!
.We had some time before our appointment, so we went langs de deur. We ended up finding this cool college student who made an appointment! She is super open and willing to talk about religion. Turns out she is going on vacation next week to NEPAL as well!!!! I’m soooo excited to hear about all her adventures in the Himalayas!
.An old lady we meet with every week, Zr. [name withheld], has been really sick. But, she’s doing a lot better lately! Her son cares for her in her home and is really protective of her. She sleeps in a bed in the living room that has this little gate on the side so she can’t fall out. Her son said he woke up in the morning, upstairs, to some comotion below. He came down and found Zr. [name withheld] sitting on the couch! He was horrified because she’d somehow scaled the fence on her bed and made it over to the couch! Haha, I think Zr. [name withheld] is doing a lot better than we think she is!
.This week we celebrated Canada day for Zr. Conrad! We bought maple syrup and ate pancakes with Slagroom. It was great!
.We had to unlock the church this week for a doop dienst for the Emmen ward (they don’t have a font there). We walk in and the mom of the boy being baptized comes franitcally running up to us saying “Can either of you play the piano?! Our pianist can’t play the songs we picked!” So, I ended up going to a baptism this week! Luckily, the songs weren’t too hard and it wasn’t too much of a train wreck šŸ™‚ It was fun to be able to serve others with my piano skills! Also, I saw some people from the Zoetermeer ward!!! It was really fun to catch up with them!
.We ate lunch at a pannenkoekenschip this week! It looked like a pirate ship and was sooo much fun!
This week at zone conference we gave a presentation about how we can ‘Be a little bolder’. At the end of the presentation we all got “boulders'” that say ‘be a little bolder’ to carry around with us! They are small and travel size so we can keep them in our pockets as a reminder to ‘be a little bolder’ I love this whole rock analogy!!
I hope you all have a great week!!!
Liefs, Zuster Mangum
Wet shoes
Zr. Weber!!!
Destroyed makeup and hair from the rain!
be a little bolder
Pannenkoeken in a pirate ship!

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