Week 49: Er gaat niets boven Groningen!

​Hey Everyone!

So many great things are happening here in Groningen! I love this city! Here are some of the great things that happened this week!
. We had an extra hour at the end of the night that we didn’t know what to do with. So, we stood on a street corner and said a little prayer, asking God where he wanted us to go. Afterwards we felt like we should walk through the park. We ended up meeting this man [name withheld]Β ( I have no idea how you spell it!) who wants to learn more! We have an appointment with him tonight. It was just another testimony to me that God answers our prayers and that He’ll truly lead us to those who are ready if we listen πŸ™‚
. We had 2 amazing lessons with [names withheld]Β this week! Our lesson last night was in the wildernis as well! They took us on a “hike” out to a place where they feel like they can really feel God. We had a powerful lesson there and they’re so excited to be baptized June 17th! Little [name withheld]Β had a really cool experience. After we’d extended the date to them ( a couple weeks ago), heΒ decided to pray to recieve his own confirmation. He told God that if this was the day he was supposed to be baptized, please help something else big to happen that day. That next Sunday they announced that June 17th is ward temple night. HeΒ took this as his answer from God. This 11 year old boy has incredible faith! He is beyond excited to be baptized!! I feel like I”m learning more from this family than we’re teaching them!
. Last night we had 45 minutes that we didn’t really know what to do with. So, we decided to go to the park. But, we felt like that we were supposed to meet someone on the way. So, we did some really awesome/awkward bike contacting! That’s where you jump off your bike and talk to people walking on the sidewalk. It’s actually pretty fun lol! We ended up meeting this cool guy named [name withheld]Β who is pretty positive! We both walked away feeling invigorated and excited about sharing our testimonies with people! It was a great end to the night!
. This week we had to say goodbye to [name withheld]. She was only here on vacation, and Sunday she went back to Egypt. It was really hard though, because we had to tell her she couldn’t take her Book of Mormon, pamphlets, etc OR attend church in Egypt. We have been contact with the Branch President in Egypt and it’s literally illegal for her to do anything with the church there. He said it would put not only her but the church in danger if these matierals were found. But, the miracle was that she took it really well! She was hesitant at first, but at the end she promised us she wouldn’t take them with her. It was really sad though because she LOVES the book of mormon and everything we’ve taught her! She would love to be baptized, but unfortunately she can’t with her religious background and where she lives 😦 But we will still be able to keep contact through email πŸ™‚ She also gave us her address and said we’re welcome to visit her whenever we’re in Egypt lol πŸ™‚
. I have been asked to be a part of sooo many musical numbers here in Groningen! I am currently working on 3, and I was asked to do 2 more on Sunday πŸ™‚ It’s fun to be playing the piano again though!!
. Me and Zr. Lechtenberg had a “Throw back Thursday” and were comps for the day for exchanges! We had so much fun! We tried some new contacting methods. We would pick something like “Curly hair” or “Ripped Jeans” or “Men” and contact everyone with that attribute! It was super fun and really helped us get out there an contact people in the centrum!
. The ice cream stores are open again! We found a cute little one by our house and it has the most incredible ice cream I’ve ever had! We went there twice last week! Lol the second time we went the lady working there was like “You are back already?” Yep, we’re going to be regulars this summer πŸ™‚ Our plan is to convert the ice cream lady πŸ™‚
. We had a hilarious dinner appointment this week! After the dinner the couple whipped out their keyboard and tamborine and sang us some songs they’ve written! They are in the process of writing cool, article of faith songs! They are really good too! It was one of the most fun dinner appointments i”ve ever had!
. Last week we went to Leeuwarden for Zone Pday! We did a tour of the city, but it ended up going way longer than expected. So, me and Zr. Lane had to book it across the city, sprinting as fast as we could, dragging our klompen, to catch this train! We made it from the centrum to the station in 5 minutes and barely made the train! I feel like that’s the story of our life, running like crazy people across the city trying to catch buses and trains! We just collapsed on the train and slept the whole 45minutes back to Groningen πŸ™‚
This week has been overall fantastic! I love missionary work and seeing people change their lives! I know that this gospel is true and it truly can change our lives if we let it. It has definitely changed mine πŸ™‚ Ik weet dat God bestaat en dat Hij een grotere plan voor ons allemaal heeft!
Ik wens jullie en fijne week!
Liefs, Zuster Mangum
. Our last picture with [name withheld]! She went back to Egypt this week 😦
. Shells! This is literally what you find here in Nederland!
. Yes, it’s a pizza vending machine. We’re going to go back for lunch one of these days πŸ™‚
. So here’s a funny picture. We were taking a serious, “cool” picture in this window waiting for a train, but we didn’t realize it was a two sided mirror thing! Lol all the bus drivers were behind the window watching us fix our hair and pose in this mirror! They knocked on the window and we just walked away mortified and laughing haha!
. We bought Klompen last week in Leeuwarden!!!
.I have no idea how you pronouce that bottom word! Welcome to Friesland!
.Ice cream season is back!!!

Week 48: God is hastening His work here!

This week was a roller coaster of emotions! It had some crazy ups and downs, but I’ll just mention the ups πŸ™‚
.This week we put this cute little family on baptismal date! It was literally one of the most spiritual experiences of my mission! The spirit was so strong when Zr. Lane extended the date! It was almost tangible! Two of the kids burst into tears and me and Zr. Lane were a little teary eyed πŸ™‚ This family is so prepared by God! What touched me the most was the little 11 year old boy. His greatest wish is to be baptized! He was crying out of pure excitement! This family inspires me and I’m so excited to work with them! If everything goes through, we’ll have 5 people baptized here in June! God is hastening his work here!
.All but two of our investigators showed up to church yesterday! I’ve never had so many people show up to sacrament meeting before! They all had really spiritual experiences as well, which made all our running-around-like-crazy-people-trying-to-keep-track-of-them worth it πŸ™‚ (Lol, sometimes I miss my Sabbath day rest. That doesn’t seem to be a thing for missionaries πŸ™‚
.One of our investigators leans over to me after the sacrament meeting and asks “So when is the baptism?” Oh no! She thought she was getting baptized today! I guess the language barrier is a bit bigger than we thought it was….(she only speaks arabic and a little english πŸ™‚
I am so grateful for the gospel and the joy it brings into my life! The Spirit comfirmed yet again to me this week that this is truly Christ’s church on the earth today! I know it with every fiber of my being! I love being able to watch the joy it brings not only in my life, but the lives of the people here in the Netherlands.
Liefs! Zuster Mangum
.Our church building
.This is why we wear helmets!
.The Kermis! (fair)
.Here is the lake we run around every morning! It’s beautiful!
.Last week we went to Westerbork, a kind of concentration camp here in the Netherlands. It was pretty heavy, but we managed to have fun as well πŸ™‚

Week 47: Mother’s day, Dorp Dash, Fiets Ongeluk


It was so great to skype my family yesterday! I loved getting to talk to them and catch up on everthing!
This week was pretty great! We visited 7 different dorpias this week, 4 of them being in the same day. We spent a lot of time on trains and buses, but the scenery was beautiful!!! Just green farmland as far as the eye could see! We also found a new investigator, but she lives in Uithuizermeeden lol (you’ll have to look on Google maps). That’s always the worry when you work in dorpias. You want to find investigators, but not necessarily a 45 minute train ride away lol. But we’re excited to go back! We also found some potentials in Uithuizen, so that was cool too. We ended up visiting Eelde (twice), Uithuizen, Uithuizermeeden, Roden, Bedum, Delftzijl, and Appelsha this week. All our referrals and dinner appointments are in dorpias lol πŸ™‚
Me and Zuster Lane also got in a fiets ongeluk this last week. We were riding side by side, in a rush, and our handlebars got stuck together. Then next thing we knew we were on the ground! We’ve both got some pretty impressive bruises, but we’re glad we were wearing helmets!
Good news! Our investigator Robert passed his baptismal interview this week, so he’s all ready to be baptized June 3! We have so many people here who are progressing! Our plan is to put a couple people on date this week, so we’re excited!!!

Random things:
.We’ve been in contact through email with the Middle Eastern branch of the church. One of our investigators is from Egypt and is here on vacation. The rules there are very strict with religion, so we are hoping and praying that she will be allowed to go to church there! She is so enthusiastic and she said she would travel 600miles if she had to to go to church. She is amazing!!!
.We saw the hairless cats this week! They feel pretty weird when you pet them, kinda like a peach lol πŸ™‚
.I saw Daniela and Dave at a volleyball tournament in Roden on Zaturday! One of our investigators went, so we were able to go and watch for a bit!
Quote of the Week:
“We could have ridden on the back of that cat and we would have gotten here faster!”Β -Zuster Mangum πŸ™‚ We were running around dorpias all day, missing buses, missing stops (because we fell asleep πŸ™‚ and by the end just dragging ourselves around. We saw a cat that looked like on we’d seen in a dorpia earlier that day, so we’d wondered if it had walked all the way here (to the dorpia we were at now). That is what inspired this quote πŸ™‚ Lol I was exhausted and done with life πŸ™‚
I absolutely love being here on my mission! I feel so blessed to be where I am! I love serving others and helping them change their lives! It brings me so much joy!!!
I hope you all have an amazing week!
Liefs, Zuster Mangum
.Transfer day…why do I have so much stuff?
.On our way back from MLC with tulips from Zr. Bunnell!
.Climbing the Martini Tower with Elders Morrey and Young, Zusters Mangum Lane Lechtenberg and Conrad, and our less active Marleen! It was really fun, but man, I was sure winded after those stairs! This picture was really hard to take as well lol!
.A picture of the outside of the Martini Tower

.A super attractive picture of us with our hoods and helmets lol #missionarylife

.We had a dinner appointment with these two cute recent converts Fiyen and Yenny!
.I saw ALPACAS!!!!! It was really a tender mercy after a long day of “Dorp Dash” πŸ™‚
.Zr. Lane cut my hair! She did a pretty good job too!
.Zr. Loorbach took us on a scenic drive through a part of Friesland on our way home (we skyped at their house). It was breath taking!!!

Week 46: Groningen!


This week was the big move up to Groningen! Transfer day was an adventure, dragging suitcases and bikes across the country πŸ™‚ I ended up going from Den Haag to Zwolle (met up with companions there) then Zwolle to Groningen. It was a long, 3 hr train ride, but sooo beautiful!!! I passed just fields upon fields of tulips and long, green pastures filled with cows and sheep. It is gorgeous up here!
We didn’t stay 24hrs in Groningen before we headed back down to Leiden for MLC, then back to Zwolle the next day for DLC. Lol, we feel like we’ve been on trains longer than we’ve actually been in Groningen! But, we are already seeing miracles here! Here’s some wonderen en grappjes for the week:
.Daniela and Sabrina’s family is amazing!! I love them so much! It was sad to say goodbye, but the miracle is that I’m not in Belgium and can still call them!!! Their mom and dad also gave me a beautiful rose, which I hauled all the way up here and is now sitting on my desk πŸ™‚
.Β On Thursday we decided to do some park contacting. We rode our bikes through the park and saw this lady in the distance sitting on a bench. We continued to ride further in and parked our bikes. We contacted some people, but weren’t really seeing any success. Then we had the thought to go and see if that lady on the bench was still there. She was! We walked around this lake to the other side to go talk to her. When we introduced ourselves and told her we were from Jesus Christ she said “I need you!” This sweet lady is now investigating the church!!! We’re so grateful that we followed the prompting to go talk to her! She is moving back to Cairo, Egypt on the 28th of May, so we are looking to see if they have a church there.Β 
. Zr. Lechtenberg has told us all sorts of great things about the people we’ll be working with. Apparently one lady has 2 hairless cats, and the other one is a hoarder with “pet” pidgeons living in her house! I am super excited to meet these people!!
. We met a guy in the park the other day feeding pidgeons. He has a specific pidgeon that he’s named “Sam”, that he’s been going daily to the park,Β forΒ 10 years, to feed!
. People have told me there are mini earthquakes up here because of the drilling for natural gas and oil!! I wrote a 10 page paper on that once!!! Yay geology!!! I hope I get to experience one πŸ™‚
I love it up here in Groningen! I am so excited for this new adventure!!!!
Liefs, Zuster MangumΒ 
Here is my new address by the way:
D D Eisenhowerstraat 38
9728 RW Groningen
.Lots of my pictures haven’t loaded yet, so here are some pictures from last couple of weeks:
– me and Zr. weber soaked in the rain!
– me and Zr. weber in a tiny dutch car! these can ride on the bike paths they’re so small!
-me and Zr. lane with our hot chocolate in our chocomel mugs!

Week 45: Koningsdag and heading up north!

Hey Everyone!

This week was really great with Koningsdag!! We had a fun stand in the market and gave away more than 20 books of mormon!!!! (2 arabic, 1 spanish, and lots of english and dutch :). We started super early too. We woke up at 5:30 and had the stand up and running by 7. We had to get there early to get a good spot πŸ™‚ It was so much fun to walk around and celebrate the holiday! Koningsdag is the king’s birthday (he turned 50 this year). It’s a day everyone wears orange and has like a giant yard sale. People just lay out tarps with all their stuff on it all over the place! It’s awesome! We switched off with the elders all day working the stand, and the other ones would walk around and talk to people. We also made homemade sugar cookies (239 of them..), but the police shut us down 😦 Apparently we weren’t allowed to give out home baked goods. Haha, but we did manage to give away about 50 before they stopped us πŸ™‚
I’ve started to say goodbye to all the amazing people here in Zoetermeer! This ward has been amazing! I’ve built so many great relationships with the members here! I’m especially going to miss Sabrina and Daniela and their family. I’m putting off saying goodbye to them until Tuesday night πŸ™‚ Wednesday morning I head up north to the wonderful city of Groningen!!! I am beyond excited to serve there! I can’t wait for this new adventure! I’m also whitewashing agian too lol. I guess this is just going to be a thing for me πŸ™‚
I am excited to see what the future brings! I love this gospel and I love being a missionary here in the Netherlands! It brings me so much JOY!!!
Ik hou van jullie!
Liefs, Zuster Mangum
. Pictures of the farm, with members, koningsdag, etc. πŸ™‚
DSCF1189.JPGDSCF1190.JPGDSCF1192.JPGDSCF1193.JPGDSCF1194.JPGDSCF1195.JPGCarolyn!.JPGHowhannes.JPGLee the loempia guy!.JPGTon de Groot.JPGWouter last time on the farm.JPGWouter.JPG