Week 40: Ambulance contacting

Hey Everyone!

Well, this weekend was pretty eventful! I spent the last 24 hours or so in the ER in first Zoetermeer, and then Den Haag! Crazy! Here’s a quick little run down of what happened:
We were at a dinner appointment with [new member and sister]. I ate a piece of breaded chicken, when my normal, weird throat thing started to happen. (it happens every now and again at home, and usually isn’t a big deal) It’s already happened once at home, so Zr. Weber knew what was happening. So I went to the bathroom and tried to gag it all up. I was in there for like 30 minutes gagging, but it wasn’t clearing up like normal. I tried to wait it out for a bit, but it wasn’t changing. So, I called President Bunnel. From what I described to him he didn’t think it was an alergic reaction (because I could still breathe), but something with acid reflex, esophigus (spelled wrong 🙂 thing. He recommended I try drinking some oil to try and slide it down, but nothing was working. I couldn’t even swallow my spit! But again, I could still breathe just fine, so we weren’t super worried. Eventually, Zr. Weber was giving the lesson while I was on the phone with President and in the bathroom trying to throw it up(TMI) (it was actually a super awesome lesson and [new member’s sister] finally committed to read a chapter from the Book of Mormon!!!). President recommended that I try going on a walk in the cool air to see if that helped. Really, nothing was helping. So, we went home and I tried to lay down and just let it pass. At like 10:30pm there was still no change, so President recommended that I go to the hospital. So, the elders came over and gave me a blessing, then [new member] took us to the hospital with the tram.
After waiting for doctors and jumping through some hoops, we eventually got in to see a doctor. Luckily [new member] was there!!!! She was a LIFESAVER with translation and paperwork and everything!!!! The doctor came and gave me this shot in my thigh that would help relax my esophagus. We were waiting and waiting and nothing was really happening. So, they decided someone needed to stick a camera down my throat and see what was up. But, they didn’t have any of those people at the hospital, so I had to be transported to Den Haag….by ambulance. We didn’t have a car, so that was the only option. It was actually really fun! They wrapped me up in a blanket and strapped me to a gournie and wheeled me away! [new member] and Zr. Weber also rode with me Haha, we did some great ‘ambulance contacting’ and the guys were really nice 🙂
Okay, so when we finally got to Den Haag they gave me another shot in my arm with the same throat relaxing stuff, trying it again. When nothing happened, they decided I needed to be admitted to the hospital and they would do the scope the next morning. Nobody was allowed to stay with me, so I said tot ziens to everyone and was wheeled upstairs! I was in a room with 2 old ladies, who were great 🙂 By this time it was like 3am. I did manage to get some sleep. The next morning I was feeling better, but still couldn’t swallow anything. Haha, I didn’t actually end up seeing the doctor until like 11am, so I spent the whole morning reading my dutch book of mormon, my white handbook, and whatever else I could find in my bag 🙂 Haha, hospitals are really boring when you can’t watch tv or anything! I also talked to the old ladies a bit too.
Eventually I saw the doctor and she (she was a cool woman from India) said I would need a scope done. At around 1pm the nurse came in and hooked me up to an IV, then by 2:30 I was in the scope! They knocked me out (thank GOODNESS!!!), so that was a huge relief! Haha, I have a vague memory of talking to the doctor in dutch while waking up from the anestesia, but I’m not 100% sure what I said! After I was fully awake there was a cute lady by my bed asking what I wanted to eat and drink. YES!!!!!!! I’d been watching the old ladies get their food and drinks all day, just dying of thirst! All I wanted was some nice, cool appel juice. So that’s what I ordered! Haha, I drank it so fast that I had to keep calling them back and asking for more! They also gave me a sandwich, which I chewed VERY carefully.It was great to get some food in my system and be able to swallow again! They said I could go home then! I do have a follow up appointment in a couple of weeks, so hopefully we’ll hear more then! The doctor told me that one of the rings in my esophigus is smaller than the others, so that’s where food gets stuck sometimes.  But that explains a lot! For now I’m just super paranoid and chewing my food very carefully! (lol I had a smoothie for breakfast:). [Ward mission leader] and [new member] and Zr. Weber came and picked me up afterwards, and we all went to [ward mission leader’s] house for dinner (it was like 5pm by then)! My throat is still a little swollen and tender from the scope, but other than that I am doing great! Poor President Bunnel, I think I kept him up all night as well 😦 Lol, there was no weekly missionary email from him, and I think it’s my fault 🙂
Well, I’m not sure if that was ‘a quick little run down’, but that’s the “condensed version.” I’m doing totally fine right now, so no worries! Other than that, I’m not really sure what happened this week lol. We did get to do a cool “MTC experience” night with the Youth from the Wassenaar ward. They all got name tags and were sorted into districts. Then, we were their MTC teachers and taught them a lesson and some dutch. It was really fun and I felt the Spirit really strongly as we were teaching. It was fun to get them excited about missionary work! Oh, and we also got to go to Wouter’s farm with all 4 sisters, which was SUPER fun! His mom  made us pannenkoeken afterwards, which was echt lekker! It was great!
Well, I hope I didn’t give you all took much of a scare! I hope you have an awesome week!
Liefs, Zuster Mangum
.Hospital selfie after the scope. I was feeling great!
.My little desk at the hospital
.Oh, and I forgot to mention. Look who’s coming to Zoetermeer April 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! We are all SOOO PUMPED here!!!!!
.Here’s a picture from earlier that day. We got Roti for Zr. Wahlquist’s birthday!
[new member] has some more fun pictures of the ambulance and whatnot, so I’ll send those next week 🙂

Week 39: Transfers were a dream come true!

Hey everyone!
This week we got transfer calls!!!! It was actually really funny. So we were at our investigators’ house, when we got a call at 8:45pm from Pres. Bunnell. Ahhh! We were freaking out! He told us that we were both staying together (YAY!!!!!) and that Zoetermeer is becoming a 4 man with 2 more sisters!!! Wow, it’s going to be a party here! I think we were so excited, that it wasn’t until the next day that we were wondering why president actually called us. I mean, that’s not too big of a change, so why did he call us personally? Well, yesterday we got a text from the zone leaders asking us if we could make it to a leadership meeting on friday. Uhhhh….what?! We called President and confirmed our fears. Yes, we are now sister training leaders! Ahhhhh!!! He just forgot to tell us the other day on the phone lol! We’re both pretty nervous, but we’re glad we’re doing it together 🙂
Random grappia: So this week after district meeting we were waiting with the elders at the station to catch our tram. I casually looked across the road to see this little old woman (walker and all) pointing and yelling at me! I had no idea what she was saying, but she just kept yelling and flipping me off as she walked by! I have nooo idea why! I’ve never seen her before! Maybe she thought I was somebody else lol? Haha, turns out she was speaking Spanish, so Elder Calmes could translate everything she said for us. Lol, I’ll spare you profanities. I actually think it was pretty hilarious!
Well, pretty much my biggest ”wonder” this week is that I’m staying in Zoetermeer with Zr. Weber! I love her and I LOVE Zoetermeer!!! I’m so excited to serve here for a total of 6 months!!!!
I love you all so much! I hope you all have an amazing week full of miracles!
Liefs, Zuster Mangum


.A classic missionary moment. Waiting in the cold rain, late at night past curfew, for 45 minutes because you missed your bus lol. I love it though 🙂 Missions are the best!
.Selfie with our new selfie stick we discovered in the apartment! You never know what you’ll find in a missionary apartment 🙂
.I found a random little turtle statue in Den Haag!
.I’m not sure what kind of a group this is, but it said llamas!
.Eating my way through europe! Greek Gyros and friets!
.Haha, some of the funnies memes of my life that we also found in the apartment! I don’t know, maybe everything is just funnier as a missionary 🙂 But they’re great 🙂

Week 38: Farm, Bike problems, and interviews!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry this email is going to be quick this week!
Our new member is doing great! We’ve started the new member lessons with her and have actually started teaching her sister as well! She is a fantastic joint teach with that! She is loving life as a member and is looking forward to going to the temple.
This week my bike got a flat on exchanges. I spent Friday night trying to take the wheel off my bike, but could never figure it out! Nederland bikes have a lot more obstacles to get through! But we took it to the shop the next day and now everything’s fine 🙂
We went to the farm with an investigator and the Haarlem sisters! It was so much fun! It was raining, so we were soaked before we even got there, but we all had a great time! Zr. Cluff shared a really powerful spiritual message about the Holy Ghost which was really helpful for our investigator 🙂
We had interviews with President this week, which was amazing!!! I love meeting with him! I always feel so motivated and pumped for missionary work afterwards!
I hope you all have a fantastic week! Ik hou van jullie!
Liefs, Zuster Mangum
. Fixing up Muesli. I wasn’t able to figure it out in the end, so we took it to the shop the next day 🙂 It’s working great now! Plus, I finally got a helmet! (my last one was stolen with Cruesli)
.We biked by the Noord Aa this week! The ‘beach’ was covered in shells!
.These cute purple flowers are everywhere! Spring is here!!
. We went to the farm this week with our investigator and Zrs. Cluff and Conrad on exchanges! The little baby cows will suck on your fingers! They are sooo cute!
.The elections are happening here soon! I know which one I would pick 🙂 (“Kies voor jezus” – “Choose Jesus”)

Week 37: BAPTISM!!! (oh, and hump day :)

Hey Everyone!!!

This week was all about our investigator and preparing for her baptism! It was crazy busy and more stressful than I thought it would be. But in the end it was amazing! I’ve never felt the Spirit that strong before! It was another testament to me that the gospel is true and it really can change our lives if we let it. She was GLOWING after her baptism! I love her soo much and love seeing how happy she is!
After the baptism we had treats and then our ward game night! We ended up having 15 nonmembers there, which is unheard of!!! We had missionaries at each table being ‘game masters’, so we got to meet a lot of them. I was the game master for the board game Ubongo. I got to wear a funny hat and teach people how to play the game. It was really fun!
This last Wednesday I also hit my hump day!! I can’t believe I’ve been out for 9 months now! It’s crazy how fast time flies! I love my mission and never want it to end!
Here’s a quote I heard from Elder Mackay this week that I really liked:
“There is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone.”
This is one thing I can definitely testify of! I’ve noticed in my mission that I’ve always grown the most when things are hard and uncomfortable. It’s been during these times that I’ve had to learn how to rely on the Lord more. As we rely on the Lord, our testimony of Him is strengthened! When God gives us trials, it’s because he loves us and wants us to become better. He will never give us anything we can’t handle (1 Nephi 3:7). With His strength we can do ALL things!
I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!
.Zr. Weber, our investigator, and me in our cordinating outfits on Sunday! This was totally a coincidence!
.Pre baptism pictures!